[Sponsor-A-Family] Grocery Pack B: Fruits and Vegetables (long-lasting)

[Sponsor-A-Family] Grocery Pack B: Fruits and Vegetables (long-lasting)

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Grocery Pack B includes:

1) Spinach
2) Cabbage 
3) Eggplant
4) Potato 
5) Carrot
6) Tomato
7) Bawang Merah
8) Garlic
9) Red Chilli 
10) Green Chili 
11) Lemongrass 
12) Long Bean 
- Delivery Service from Wholesaler to Recipient 

1 sponsored pack goes to 1 family.


We realise that many other organisations are giving out ration food consisting of the standard — rice, cooking oil, instant drinks, dried foods and the likes.

We spoke to several social workers who feedback to us that needy families do not get enough nutritious food such as Fresh Poultry and Fruits and Vegetables. Easy-to-Prepare Frozen Food and and Meal Condiments are also extremely helpful in the preparation of meals for children e.g. soups, porridge or small snacks in between meals.

Hence, to complement ration packs, we intend to provide these families with Grocery Packs A, B and C for them to prepare wholesome meals at home. Each is a standard pack that will be given to families who are able to cook and have homes with equipped appliances for food preparation.


Please note that this website charges an approximately 5% in transaction charges. (and hence the odd numbers)

Halalfoodhunt will use your sponsorship, less transaction charges charged by payment gateways, to purchase the intended items for them to be delivered to these families. Any excess in sponsorship amounts will be donated to Tabung Amal Aidilfitri. If you would like to support Halalfoodhunt, you may purchase our other products on this website or subscribe to our FRIENDS Pass on our halalfoodhunt app. Thank you!

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