[KUEH-Rated 2020 Pre-Order] Ondeh Kueh Bangkit
[KUEH-Rated 2020 Pre-Order] Ondeh Kueh Bangkit
Baker: Butter Studio

[KUEH-Rated 2020 Pre-Order] Ondeh Kueh Bangkit

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56 pieces per bottle.

From the moment you open this bottle, you'll get a strong whiff of gula melaka which makes you wonder how this innocent little cookie will taste. This version of kueh bangkit is closer to the traditional version of bangkit, which doesn't have the melt in your mouth texture. This one is firm, and will crumble upon the first bite in your mouth. Once you pop it in your mouth, you'll slowly taste the mild taste of the gula melaka and pandan will slowly fill your senses. The light taste of this Ondeh Bangkit, will keep making you grab the next one.


  • Islandwide delivery is currently scheduled for 21-22 May 2020 @ $10
  • Self Collection is no longer available due to tighter safe-distancing measures

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