Thank you everyone! Our Sponsor-A-Family Campaign is now fully sponsored.

We have concluded this project, accounts for this project is available here: https://bit.ly/safamilycampaign

Sponsors are Identified via their Order Numbers.
Expenses and receipts are declared as well.

These records will be published here until 15 July 2020, and will be taken down thereafter.


Hello & Assalamu'alaikum my foodie family! 

Please READ THIS before sponsoring a family. You can also find the profiles of the families you're helping here! All of these families are experiencing a loss of income (either partially or in totality).

Halalfoodhunt will use your sponsorship, less transaction charges charged by payment gateways, to purchase the intended items for them to be delivered to these families. Any excess in sponsorship amounts will be donated to Tabung Amal Aidilfitri. If you would like to support halalfoodhunt, you may purchase other products on this website or subscribe to our FRIENDS Pass on our Halalfoodhunt app. Thank you! :)

Ps: Due to Covid-19 Safe Distancing measures, we are advised to minimise movement. Therefore, sponsored food will be delivered directly to Recipients from merchants. There will be no gathering of volunteers to 'sort and deliver' food.